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Specialists in Business Litigation

We help the legal teams of large corporations understand and prepare the support needed to assist in their cases with small to mid-size businesses or to address complex financial and accounting issues. Our extensive experience with small to mid-size businesses is coupled with an understanding and experience with Fortune 500 companies in need of support. We understand small and middle market companies and all aspects of accounting, finance and tax, and work with businesses and their attorneys to provide the knowledge to help resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible for the benefit of both parties.

Fortune 500 Support

O’Neill & Gaspardo provides unique intelligence. We have the resources and expertise to support or consult on any disagreements or litigation. Our team will set up a process to manage your project, conduct the financial analysis and provide the documentation to support the outcome. An example is a class action lawsuit. Our team provides the initial claims assessment and evaluates each one based on merit. We then advise the legal team on how to handle claims with a common probable outcome or individual claims that have unique circumstances. As needed, we consult with the legal team and provide our recommendations and financial details to support our insight.

Examples of Litigation Support Involvement:

  • Class Action Suits
  • Business Valuations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Data Assessments
  • Financial Analysis
  • Attorney Coaching
  • Expert Witness


O’Neill & Gaspardo is an accounting firm with a diverse client base. These clients are representative of the type of client a large corporation might be involved with in litigation. The firm is led by Brian Gaspardo, a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago. Additional details are available in Mr. Gaspardo’s biography.