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Objective Insight

Brian Gaspardo is an experienced financial and advisory professional who provides a common sense approach to resolving business disputes. He breaks down complex information and terminology into language that can be widely understood by a judge or jury, and works with attorneys to apply expert analysis to the specific dispute. Financial statements and data contain a wealth of information which must first be understood and then applied to the case at hand. Brian has experience assisting in mediation, preparing reports and testifying on technical accounting issues, economic damages, fraud, business valuation and other operational and financial issues.

Professional Resources

Mr. Gaspardo has a team of financial professionals inside his firm who can provide detailed support as needed. His team has the ability to conduct financial modeling, research financial, tax and operational support information and analyze data. When you engage Mr. Gaspardo for expert witness services, you engage the support of his entire team of seasoned financial and advisory professionals.


Brian has extensive testifying and expert experience and over thirty years experience conducting business analysis and providing financial leadership. He leads an accounting firm, has worked in a “Big 4″ environment, and has served as CFO for two other businesses. He has experience supporting large corporations in litigation support and testimony matters. Mr. Gaspardo is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago. Additional details are available in Mr. Gaspardo’s biography.