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Financial Leadership

Are you at a point where you need more advanced financial leadership? Or are you just beginning to realize your involvement in the financial support of your organization is consuming too much of your time? Maybe you have hit a point where you no longer need a full-time, in-house CFO or Controller. Businesses and people change and as a result sometimes what worked in the past is not the solution you should continue with in the future.

Signs that Change May Be Needed

The following are some indicators that might be telling you change is needed:

  1. Rapid Growth
  2. Decline in Revenue and/or Profits
  3. Delays in Receiving Reports
  4. Little to No Analysis of the Results
  5. Little to No Projections
  6. Decreased Communication
  7. Feeling That the Results Should be Better

How the CFO Program Works

Companies rely on O’Neill & Gaspardo to provide oversight and supervision for their accounting departments, as well as provide an analytical perspective of a CFO. Through monthly or quarterly reviews of the results and formal meetings, clients gain the insight and security of an experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost.  Business owners love the additional security, analysis and business intelligence they receive, while the accounting department appreciates the support and resources provided by an experienced CFO. We can manage your in-house accounting and administrative staff or outsource the entire function. The right solution really depends on your needs.

What to Expect

Complete control of your overall accounting and banking needs. The first step is to determine if this makes sense for you. Are you being held back by assuming the financial support you are receiving? Did any of those “signs” above describe part of your support? If so, we should talk. The primary expectation of our CFO Program is trust supported by a defined plan of support. We know how to handle and manage the accounting and financial needs of businesses and help executives understand and evaluate decisions and actions to take going forward.