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Our Background

O’Neill & Gaspardo is a CPA and advisory firm that provides audit, tax and accounting solutions. Our professionals are here to solve problems and develop processes to make it easier for clients to focus on the items critical to their success. We take care of reporting, tax and accounting needs while turning information into knowledge for businesses and individuals.

Understanding Client Goals

How can you support a client without understanding their goals, pain points and risk tolerance? We help our clients identify, define and focus on their specific goals and objectives. Some have goals that are more concerned with growth and profit enhancement, while others may be concerned with stability and process design to maximize efficiency while balancing personal and financial goals. We get to know their needs and create a plan to support those objectives and work on solutions to overcome any obstacles that may be barriers.

We Deliver the Competitive Edge

Our goal is to help each of our clients build success. We work closely with clients to shape the efforts inside an organization and conduct the planning needed to build long term success and strength. We identify and break down financial and management opportunities and communicate clearly and in common sense language. We apply financial and management insights that help our clients build on the core competencies that make them successful.


Our foundation is built on experienced professionals with the training and background to address each client’s specific goals and needs. Our firm has been in business since 1969 and we are a peer reviewed practice with a consistent clean report. We have the educational degrees and professional certifications, but what truly qualifies us is our involvement with our clients and the fact that we really do care about them and their business.